Artist Management Services

Pictor Artist Management was born out of a desire to do something practical to help artists.  

A lot of artists struggle to get their work ‘out there’ – into a gallery space, onto the printed page, online – most importantly, into the hearts and minds of an audience or viewer.  

We can really help with that and we think of ourselves as collaborators rather than agents or business consultants. 

Many artists struggle to navigate the world of business negotiations and promoting their work whilst continuing to stay in the right head space to create their best work.

No one person can do everything and that’s where Pictor Management comes in.

We will cast a fresh pair of eyes on your situation and help strip away any pre-conceived ideas to reach a point of renewed clarity.

We will also help you to figure out where the gaps in your knowledge or expertise might be in terms of getting your work seen more and seen by the right people.

We will work with an artist to create clear, defined goals and from there generate a practical road map.

We advise on business, marketing, publishing and exhibiting of work and help you to create a practical game plan

We provide logistical support for exhibitions (eg. curatorial guidance, packing and shipping artwork)

We can negotiate contracts, manage IP and licensing

We can provide an archiving service for artists, collectors or organizations

We are great at moral support too!!